M.Y. Phoenix

The Numbers

Phoenix is a 40-metre expedition vessel with a gross tonnage of 483t and fuel capacity of 80,000 litres. Father-and-son engines produce a total power output of 1213 kW.

Ship Improvements

Recent improvements include overhauls of the main and auxiliary engines, new fire, blast and bilge pumps, a new compression system. A new Seatel system provides WiFi throughout the vessel.

Drone Operation Flight Deck

The fully aluminium flight deck measures 9×11.4m and has a deck load capacity of 1 tonne per square metre. To avoid becoming obsolete, the tech on the deck is future-proof.


Our team brings years of maritime experience supporting larger scale humanitarian efforts, long-duration drone missions, offshore and near-shore operations.


The ship is equipped with full quarters and stations. Its 6 staterooms can comfortably board 11 crew members.

Video Equipment

We provide essential information via video and multispectral camera systems. All 16 cameras have infrared capabilities for day and night viewing.

For more details about Phoenix, please download our specification brochure.

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